Ayrshire College students create history!

Ayrshire College students talk about their recent visit to Bannockburn and how their experiences on the Prince’s Trust Team course has helped them move forward in their lives.

What was it like to meet the First Minister?

At first we weren’t sure what he would be like, but we are all in agreement that he is a very down to earth man and willing to listen to what we were saying. He spent a good deal of time with us sitting on the stairs in the College and we all got a group photo with him. It was extra special that he was willing to take the time to have selfies with whoever wanted one. He also arranged for us to go to Bannockburn to visit the new Bannockburn Experience.

Tell us about your experience at Bannockburn

We learned a lot on our visit to the Bannockburn Experience that we didn’t know before. We found it very interesting and are very glad we got to experience it. We found out about the history of this battle and learned about the people involved in the battle and the role they had in it, as well as the dates all of the events took place. We got a chance to put on the armour and hold the weapons. We also took part in a battle strategy game. It has been good to find out more about our history in a fun and enjoyable way.

In what ways has your course helped you in your life?

Before coming on this course, a lot of us had very low confidence and found it hard to talk to people and speak up, but now we are able to communicate with each other as well as people we don’t know very well. We are also speaking up more and putting out ideas, supporting each other and working better as a team. The group is learning new skills every day which they are learning to progress to help them in the future. In weeks 1 and 2 we did team building games to help build confidence and trust within the team to help us work better as a unit.

Tell us a little about your experience on the Prince’s Trust programme at Ayrshire College?

On the first week people were introduced to one another and getting to know them. We also did team building games to gain everyone’s trust. On the third week we went to a residential with one of the other teams for five days to do more team challenges and activities. We also got a chance to learn about people’s strengths and weakness, and took part in activities like canoeing, rock climbing, abseiling. We had a tree top challenge, BBQ and a talent show on the last day. Overall, it has been the best experience ever and we have gained a lot from this programme.

Any final comments?

Ayrshire College teams 131, 132 and 133 would like to thank Alex Salmond for the invitation, for the gifts and arranging for us to visit the exhibition, the staff for their help throughout the day and a big thank you to the staff in the café for the lunch!


There are photos of the visit to Bannockburn on the College’s flickr site

If you’re between 16 and 25, unemployed and looking for something new, the 12-week Team programme might be for you. You’d be joining a group of other young people to gain new skills, make new friends and improve your job prospects. For more information on Prince’s Trust courses at Ayrshire College, visit www.ayrshire.ac.uk or call 0300 303 0303.


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