Variety is key ingredient in the hospitality industry

Ayrshire College graduate Evan Samson describes how his passion for the hospitality industry led to managing the Dumfries Arms Hotel in Cumnock.

What made you decide to study HNC Hospitality?

I started studying accountancy, but decided that it wasn’t for me. While I was working in a hotel to fund my studies I discovered that I really enjoyed working in the hospitality industry, so I changed course and chose hospitality as a career.

Why did you choose Ayrshire College?

Ayrshire College is local to me, but a big part of my decision to study here was that the college’s hospitality department had a great reputation with well-equipped kitchens and facilities.

As part of the course, I worked at a local Ayrshire hotel on work experience. The placement was really valuable as it helped me get a flavour of the different aspects of working in a hotel which added to the experience I already had. I enjoyed helping other students with questions as I had a different perspective given that I was already working in the hospitality industry.

Tell us about your job at the Dumfries Arms Hotel

The experience of studying while continuing to work part time in a hotel really helped me reach where I am today. It opened my eyes to all aspects of the job, giving me a better understanding of what is involved in the hospitality industry.

I have been the General Manager at the Dumfries Arms Hotel in Cumnock for the last few years and I love every aspect of my job. Whether that is managing front-of-house or overseeing events, I get to meet so many different kinds of people and no two days are the same.

I’m constantly working with the other staff to build up the reputation of the Dumfries Arms and, with another 5 star hotel opening in Ayrshire in 2015 as part of the hotel group, I’m looking forward to working on that project too.

Ayrshire College Ambassador, Evan Samson


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