Feedback from the Class of 2014

In this third and final blog post from Stewarton Academy student Kirsty McMillan, who completed a week’s work experience with the College’s Marketing Team on 5 December 2014, she analyses feedback from this year’s graduates of Ayrshire College.

While I was undertaking work experience at Ayrshire College, I was asked to work through the feedback collected from this year’s graduates about what they had enjoyed during their time at college and what they would have changed to improve their time here. Reading these comments helped me see first-hand how the college is taking account of students’ opinions to create a better environment for learning.

One graduate summed up her experience by saying “Ayrshire College helps you achieve your goals and is always there to keep you motivated. It’s a great place to learn.” This shows the faith that students have in the college and proves that the hard work from the staff is extremely beneficial in increasing the numbers of students going on to graduate, find work or move on to university.

After reading the comments, I used the online application ‘Wordle’ to create a visual representation of the views from graduates in different subject areas. I displayed the names of the course the biggest word and then Wordle put all of the phrases from the comments around it with the most commonly used word being shown as next biggest from the course name. Words which were common across all of the courses included ‘achieve’, ‘supportive’, ‘dreams’ and ‘opportunities’.

IMG_4655 IMG_4657 IMG_4659 IMG_4660 IMG_4664 IMG_4666 IMG_4668 IMG_4669

Wordles from some of the courses

It is clear from this feedback that the students appreciate the opportunities and assistance that they have access to at college to achieve their goals. It also shows that students are proud and admirable of the hard work the staff at the college put in to give them the best start for their future.

The College’s vision is to raise aspirations, inspire achievement and increase opportunities. It achieves this by teaching the students their chosen courses and by helping them to develop essential skills for acquiring jobs. The College works very closely with local communities to create collaborations to assist students to find jobs in local businesses after graduating, which also helps the local economy grow. Staff tackle inequalities by removing barriers to learning to enable students to reach their full potential and improve their quality of life.


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