Stay calm and get some career advice!

One thing that remains consistent over the years is how confused and overwhelmed parents feel advising their son or daughter on the best route to take on leaving school. Over the next few weeks we will be writing a series of blogs aimed at parents, signposting you to places you can go for up-to-date careers information. We will also explain some of the opportunities that are available by starting at college.

Where you can get advice

So, what do you do if your son or daughter is ready to leave school this year and they still don’t know what to do? Well, don’t panic, it’s completely normal. There are more young people who have not made up their minds than those who have a career plan all mapped out and, judging by the number of parents who attended our recent Open Evening, this is not going to change any time soon. Our research shows young people consider their parents the main people their turn to for advice and approval, but when you become a parent you don’t realise that part of the “job” is careers advisor! The good news is that there’s a wide range of people who can support you and lots of resources available to help you advise your son or daughter to make an informed decision about their future.


The Skills Development Scotland (SDS) website – – is a good first port of call. Here you can find out all you need to know about the many careers available today and how young people can prepare for these. SDS has just launched a dedicated place on this website for parents which is worth having a look at –

Ayrshire College offers a wide range of courses to help young people prepare for their chosen career – find out more on our website. Explore our website to find out about the successes of young people who come to Ayrshire College by reading stories on our News Page, watching short films on our Videos Page and meeting some of our students on our Blog.

You can make an appointment to talk to one our student advisors at the our Ayr, Kilmarnock or Kilwinning campuses who can then advise the on the most relevant course. Call 0300 303 0303

College not for you? Think again!

Today, colleges are modern, dynamic and inspiring places with excellent facilities to help people prepare for the workplace or for university. College is a great stepping stone between school and employment or university.

Colleges help people to gain confidence, achieve relevant qualifications and learn new skills. As well as learning specific vocational skills, we also help people gain employability skills – the soft skills that employers are looking for like being organised, problem solving, communicating, working in teams and managing time.

And, young people don’t have to wait until they leave school to do a course at college. We have a wide range of courses on our campuses across Ayrshire. You can find out what’s on offer to school pupils in your council area in the School Zone on our website.


At Ayrshire College, we want people to start here and go anywhere. We are running a campaign on that theme to share stories of why people come to college and the different places they go onto afterwards – university, employment, self-employment, apprenticeships, volunteering, travelling around the world. Ayrshire College is an inspiring and exciting place to start a career.  Follow our blog over the next few weeks and think about whether this could be the place for your son or daughter to make their start on their post-school education and career.

Next week: College to university routes.


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