My time in the Hairdressing Summer School Chair

Michelle MacKenzie is a Marketing and PR Officer at Ayrshire College. She visited the Hairdressing Summer School on 16 July 2015 and blogged about the experience.
I visited the summer school today.
I’d been to summer school several times before but this was my first time sitting in the chair and I was a little nervous!

After I recovered from climbing the stairs to the top of the College (there is a lift available) I was met by Kevin; there is just something about Kevin. From his pink tie and vest to his fabulous Greek patisseries, Kevin is the quintessential Salon Manager. He has created an atmosphere at the summer school that is welcoming, fun and from what I could see, super supportive. He whisks me into a chair and Shyvonne shouts Hi from across the room, where she is applying a bleach to one of her regular client’s hair.
I feel better already.

I should explain that I’m not just at summer school to get my hair done. I’m booked in for one of the first ever summer school makeovers! I am the guinea pig, well me and Helen Speirs. Helen has already had her hair done by the time I get there, it’s a blond/silver shade and it is bang on trend with its asymmetrical cut and blunt edges. A wave of bravery washes over me; I’m gonna get a big change, it is a makeover after all.

Shyvonne pops her bleach under the heater (yep, that’s its technical name) and makes her way over to me. She offers a colour change. I accept. Red.

I’ve never been a red-head before and just as soon as my bravery appeared it is suddenly away again. Oh well, Shyvonne looks like she knows what she is doing. During the colour process she tells me about her pre-Ayrshire College student life. She studied for a Marketing degree, then went into the care sector before becoming a full time Mum and now she is a trainee hairdresser. Sometimes it takes a while to find your perfect fit in life and this definitely seems to be Shyvonne’s. She asks me what kind of blow dry I would like and I explain that I’m loving the tousled hair look. Shyvonne gives me an insider tip and I order a bottle of Osmo’s sea salt on her recommendation. Now for the best part; getting my hair washed. When the towel is unwrapped and my hair is brushed there is no mistaking that I have red hair. Shyvonne dries and curls it and I love it. She then passes me onto Paul.

I have heard a lot about Paul. He was a dancer in London, then a Make-Up Artist for big names like Elizabeth Arden, Nars and Christian Dior. Impressive! Paul talks to me about what life was like during this time and casually drops names like Liberty X and Kylie (yes, I do mean Kylie Minogue!) He has come to Ayrshire College to retrain as a hairdresser as he feels dancing has come to an end for him. I won’t lie, it’s tricky to chat with Paul as I am trying to keep still and let him get on with the hard job of sorting out my complexion. Paul, though, is a professional and he just gets on, matches my make-up to my new look then breaks out the brushes.

It isn’t long before he is done with me and for the second time today I look in the mirror and I am impressed! I have been utterly transformed in just under 2 hours and for only £15.00!

Sometimes in life you find a little hidden gem and the hairdressing summer school is definitely one of them! Sadly it’s all coming to an end BUT the new session starts shortly and Shyvonne and Paul are back in the College. I’ve already booked in with the glam squad and I recommend you do too. Call Karen on 01563 495048 and be one of the first appointments in the book.

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