This Ayrshire Girl Can-Do STEM!

Ayrshire College means business when it comes to addressing gender imbalance in subject areas where women are under-represented. 

The College also supports the #ThisAyrshireGirlCan campaign initiated by the Ayrshire College Student Association, which focuses on STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) and sport.


An important aspect of our work every year is to promote female students who are building a career in traditionally male-dominated sectors. Find out how Tammy, Carra and Amanda are forging their engineering careers with the help of the College.

Tammy Niven, manufacturing apprentice at  GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in Irvine, has just completed her HNC in manufacturing.

“I was in 5th year at school when I saw the advert for GSK apprenticeships and it really appealed to me. As I looked into it, manufacturing was the field that looked right for me, so I applied for that. A manufacturing apprenticeship at GSK is much more than working on a production line. You’re part of a really important process.

“I’m enjoying the course. I really like physics although it is really hard, but I think the challenge is what I like about it.”

Twenty year old Carra Woods is an apprentice fabricator and welder at Wallace McDowall in Ayr.

“When the apprenticeship vacancy came up, I applied for it through the college because I did my SVQ Level 2 there. I’m in the first year of my apprenticeship and come to college one day a week. 

“During the four days in the workshop, it’s constant work – we’re building everything! Although we don’t get to do all the jobs because we’re still learning, we get a shot at most jobs!

“The best part of the job is proving everyone wrong by being a girl! It was scary at the start, but I knew I was going into a male-dominated working environment so it didn’t really bother me too much. I’m just going to prove to everyone that I can do it!”

Before she came to Ayrshire College, Amanda O’Hara worked as a cabin crew member with EasyJet.

“This where my interest in aviation started. When we were working we were always having technical problems, so that got me more and more interested in the engineering side of things. I would ask the engineers what was happening, what was going on. 

“My cabin crew background has been really useful on my course because I already know a lot of the terminology.”


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