School-College Partnership Programme: Hospitality: Professional Cookery

In the second of our series, we’ll be following the progress of Adam Green from Belmont Academy and Ashleigh Read from Kyle Academy studying Hospitality: Professional Cookery at the Ayr campus.


Why did you choose the Hospitality course?

Ashleigh – I enjoy cooking at home and I know that once I leave school I really want to work in the hospitality industry. I want to try a bit of everything, and just really get the experience I need, so doing this course while at school seemed like a good start.
Adam – I like that we can ‘try out’ a career in Hospitality by doing this course. It’s definitely giving me more of an idea about what I’d like to do when I leave school.

Tell me about the course. What have you both been doing so far?

Ashleigh – We have been getting an idea of how to work in an industrial kitchen, we’re getting the hang of it now. It’s a great experience and will be great for our CV.
Adam – We do assessments along the way, like learning about the strict hygiene standards in the industry and how important that is.

What have you enjoyed the most?

Ashleigh – Getting to do a dish that you’ve never done before, tasting it, getting it right and perfecting it.

Adam – I enjoy being able to work in a proper kitchen. The different dishes you get to make and the variety of skills you get to learn. We have been making different canapés for events that are on at the college. We helped to make about 800 canapés the other week! Everything is on a much bigger scale than at school.

We also helped to make food for the James Bond event at the Ayrshire Hospice. To go from a classroom, to getting to be able to help prepare and serve the food at big events like these is great.

What’s been the most challenging aspect?

Ashleigh – It feels a bit more stressful. At school, cooking is much more laidback. Here, it feels like a real restaurant kitchen, so you try your hardest to get it right.

How does attending the college course work with attending school?

Adam – We come here twice a week and usually cook on a Thursday. I think its more laidback than school. You feel more responsible for your work and I feel that this makes me want to do well. I like school, but I really like my college experience so far.


How does college compare to school?

Ashleigh – I like being the Class Rep. We are the spokespeople for the rest of the class in college, so if they have anything they want to ask or have any worries, they can speak to us first if they want to, and we’ll speak to the lecturers on their behalf.
Adam – It’s just different at college. You learn lots more about the different sides of hospitality, like cooking, serving and practical skills. We’re more responsible for our own work here.


What are your ambitions?

Ashleigh – I enjoy cooking at home and I know that once I leave school I really want to work in the hospitality industry. I want to try a bit of everything, and just really get the experience I need.
Adam – I see myself working back of house, in the kitchens as a chef. Just really see myself working in the hospitality industry now.
We will catch up with Ashleigh and Adam in February to find out how they are progressing on the course.

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