School – College Partnership Programme: Early Education and Childcare: Skills for Work (Level 5)

In the next of our series exploring school / college programmes we meet Rebecca Nix, 16 from Kyle Academy and Amanda Barr, 16 from Prestwick Academy. They are studying L5 Early Education and Childcare two days a week. We’ve been following their progress so far.


Why did you choose the Early Education and Childcare course?

Rebecca – I’ve always wanted to work with younger children so I thought it would be a good course to take to help me be one step ahead, while I’m still at school.

Amanda – I’m really fond of children, just looking after my wee cousins. Also my mum works with children, and I see how much she loves her job, so I feel encouraged by that.

Tell me about the course. What have you both been doing so far?

Amanda – On Wednesdays we do ‘play’ work, things like learning how to make things that kids can play with. Fridays we do child development and theory.


What have you enjoyed the most?

Rebecca – I really do enjoy learning about the milestones and development of children. It helps me to understand the different stages of early childhood, which is great.

Amanda – Learning new ideas, making stuff, and what children actually experience. The psychology of kids is really interesting as it’s really helpful to know what things they might be interested in at different ages.

What’s been the most challenging aspect?

Amanda – Definitely the tests are the most challenging. Trying to remember everything we’ve learnt over the last few months is the hardest bit. It’s useful though as it’s a taste of what to expect at college, and the way we would do assessments.

How does attending the college course work with attending school?

Rebecca – For me it works out well. I get a bus from Prestwick Academy, it’s no bother at all.

Amanda – I never knew we would do so much, and it’s really good fun. I like that it’s something you can try while at school. Feels like it sets me up for what I want to do when I leave. I feel a bit more prepared now.

How does college compare to school?


Rebecca – It’s a lot more fun and more relaxed. It’s as if you’re given more responsibility, which is great.

Amanda – I like that I’ve got more friends now from different schools. There’s only 11 of us in the class, but I’ve made great friends already. It’s also good to call the lecturer by their first name!

What are your ambitions?

Amanda – I want to continue with this kind of course at a higher level. I find it interesting and it’s definitely what I want to do. I see myself working in a nursery school nursery.

Rebecca – I’ve always wanted to work with younger children that have special needs. At the moment I go to Fib Youth Theatre – it’s a drama club. I help out with the younger kids there. We helped with an enabled show one time, and I really want to specialise in this area of early education.

How did you become the class rep?

Rebecca – I’ve always volunteered for that kind of thing through school, so I just thought why not? It was nice to get voted in by the class.

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