Meet the apprentice – Megan Forrest, Hyspec Engineering

We have been catching up with a number of our apprentices to celebrate Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2016.

Four apprentices working in different companies in Ayrshire agreed to be filmed in their workplace to share what attracted them down the apprenticeship route and how they are finding the balance between working on site and studying at Ayrshire College.

The final apprentice we present is Megan Forrest, an apprentice tool maker with Hyspec Engineering.

Meagan Forrest 1
“Not a lot of people my age can say they enjoy what they do every day.” Megan began.

One of the major reasons Megan gets so much enjoyment out of her apprenticeship is the variety of work.

Megan said “Because I’m doing a tool making apprentice I’ve got a wider spectrum of tasks compared with many other apprentices out there.

“You never see the same thing twice. Your mind is constantly going and you’re learning something new every day. I think you never stop learning.”

Megan made the relatively late decision in sixth year at secondary school to focus on a career in engineering. The decision arrived following a conversation with her Dad, who is an engineer in Ireland.

She said “When I was younger I wanted to become a zookeeper! But having looked into a bit more, the wage packet wasn’t sufficient enough for me to do the things I wanted to do in life. The next option was to become a vet. I did some work experience with a veterinarian in Kilmarnock, but there was an operation I was watching where seeing the blood made me get out of there.

“Once I talked things over with my Dad it just clicked that I should try and go for an apprenticeship.”

Engineering has been kind to Megan’s dad, sending him all over the world to places Megan dreams about visiting – like China, Japan and Russia.

“This is a good way for me to be able to see the world like he has” Megan said.

“It really does open up the world to me. Plus the fact that everything is so hands-on is a major benefit to me.

“Thankfully I had a Saturday job when I applied for the apprenticeship, because as anyone is with any interview, I was nervous. The Saturday job helped purely because it meant the apprenticeship wasn’t my first interview.”

Meagan Forrest 3

Now that Megan is an apprentice, she juggles work with coming to the College for part of the week.

Megan said “We can bring things from the work into the college, and vice versa.

“There are apprentices from other companies in my class, but we don’t really talk about work when we’re in college. We just get to know each other and have some banter. But if we’re stuck on something we’ll help out. I stayed back to help two other people with their quality management stuff, that’s the kind of thing we do for each other.

“At the end of this apprenticeship, I’ll be time served, and the qualifications I’ll have gained will help employers know that I’ve been through all this training, I know all the basics, I can do this, that and the next thing.”

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