Developing OUR young workforce with Modern Apprentices

MAsThe Scottish Government aims to support 30,000 Modern Apprenticeship starts per year by 2020 as part of its Developing the Young Workforce youth employment strategy. Last year 1,980 people started an apprenticeship in Ayrshire – but there is potential for much more.

Ayrshire College, East, North and South Ayrshire Councils, and the Developing the Young Workforce Ayrshire regional group are working together to encourage more employers to invest in young talent through Modern Apprenticeships.

Gillian Brown, HR Manager, explains how recruiting two Modern Apprentices will enhance our teams and support the development of the College’s young workforce.

Ayrshire College is all about supporting the development of young talent in Ayrshire. We do this by providing industry relevant courses and work experience opportunities with employers across Ayrshire that help young people start their careers. We are now investing in our own young workforce by employing two new Modern Apprentices.

We are looking for one apprentice to join our marketing team to help with digital marketing, and another to join the ICT team to help with our network technical support service. We need young people who are confident using, and excited about exploring, new technology.

For us, the main benefits of investing in Modern Apprentices is that young people bring fresh ideas, enthusiasm and different perspective to an organisation, which helps us be more innovative.

For the young person, there are many benefits gained by following this career path. They will learn from experienced people around them and gain industry relevant qualifications, so that when they have completed their Modern Apprenticeship they have the skills and experience required for a job in our organisation.

Ayrshire College is a great place to work. We are one of the largest employers in Ayrshire and apprentices will gain experience of working in teams with a diverse range of people – inside and outwith the College.

In return, we are looking for young people who have a great work ethic, a positive attitude and can demonstrate they have initiative.

These Modern Apprenticeships are ideal for young people who are just leaving school or college. You will benefit from work-based training as well as national qualifications awarded. We want people to apply for these posts who are ambitious and keen to start a successful career in digital marketing or ICT.

Please share this post with your network and help us promote these fantastic Modern Apprenticeship opportunities. Full information on each post and application forms are available here. Don’t delay, the closing date for both posts is 12 noon on Friday 13 May.

Want to find out more about Modern Apprenticeships

Read Why we think Modern Apprenticeships are great

If you are interested in recruiting a Modern Apprentice or supporting an existing employee go through an apprenticeship, we might be able to help. Go to our website for more information.


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