Meet Lauren Brock, HNC Computer Games Development student

Lauren Brock (2)Lauren Brock studied physics at university after leaving school, but changed direction with her career, opting to study computer games development at Ayrshire College. We asked Lauren about her journey into the gaming industry.

What did you do before going to college?

At secondary school, my interests were always geared towards animation. I started studying physics at university, but quickly realised it wasn’t what I wanted to do.

I was more interested in finding out what happens ‘behind the scenes’ of games, the art of CGI and graphics.

I took a few years off to start a family, but always knew I’d go back to pursuing a computer games career, so 5 years later I started the HNC Computer Games Development at Ayrshire College.

What attracted you to a career in computing?

I see gaming as a blend of technical knowledge, problem solving and creativity – which really appeals to me. I think there’s a notion that working in gaming is all about the design side of things, but there’s so much more to it.

You’d be amazed how many different jobs go into producing a computer game. The wide range of jobs available really appeals to me.  RAISING ASPIRATIONS | INSPIRING ACHIEVEMENT | INCREASING OPPORTUNITIES

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