Meet Shireen Robb, HND Technical Support student

Shireen RobbAfter starting at the College on the uniformed services course, Shireen Robb had wanted to become a police officer but health reasons prevented her from pursuing this. We asked Shireen why she chose to get into computing instead.

What attracted you to a career in computing?

It seemed the next natural option for me. I’ve always liked working with computers and liked finding out about new technology, so I decided to start with the NC Digital Media course, which led to me getting into the technical support side of the industry.

What has been the highlight of the course for you so far?

I’ve just got back from an educational trip to Disneyland Paris, which was fantastic. I was able to relate subjects I have learned during my time at college, and see how they are used in the real working environment – all in the Disneyland setting!

It was an opportunity to look at the way computing is used in the theme park industry. This was not something that would have crossed my mind before, but the amount of computing involved was amazing – everything from data security, motion, lighting, safety and special effects.

It was also really good to mix with students from other computing courses at the college too. As well as a great trip, I’ve made new friends.

What would you say to encourage young girls to think about a career in computing?

One of the things I’ve found with a career in computing is that there are so many doors to open and explore. There’s so many different aspects to the industry and so much involved, that the options are vast. I like to have a choice and there’s definitely that!

What’s coming up next for you?

I’ve got an interview soon with Dell in Glasgow as a Technical Support Associate. Long term, I’d really like to progress and get more industry accreditations.


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