A whole lot of blogging going on!

A week before the second anniversary of Ayrshire College’s blog, the number of views has reached a staggering 20,000!

We launched our blog on 13 May 2014. Our first post, Scottish Apprenticeship Week gets off to a flying start, described the College’s commitment to Modern Apprenticeships and highlighted the achievements of our students. 

Two years on, the readership of our blog continues to grow. 

Blog by numbers

infoIn May 2015 we reported on our first year of blogging in Keep calm and blog on! At that point, our blog had been viewed 6,300 times by people in 40 countries. One year on, the number of views has more than trebled!

Blogging all over the world!

While our blog is targeted primarily at people who live in Ayrshire and Scotland, it has been read in 99 countries – that’s more than half of the world’s countries – and in every continent except Antarctica! The countries which most regularly check into the blog are the US, Canada, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, Brazil, India and Russia.

Visitors to our blog from these countries get a rich flavour of the contribution that colleges in Scotland make to individual lives, local communities and economic development.

It’s all about the content!

We blog a lot!

As well as publishing series of posts around key events in the calendar like Scottish Apprenticeship Week, National Women in Engineering Day, LGBT History Month and Ada Lovelace Day, we run blog series on areas such as care experienced young peopleschool-college courses, learning technology and curriculum subjects like sport.

A diverse range of guest contributors have generously contributed to our blog including Dame Ruth Silver on the Commission for Widening Access, STUC General Secretary Grahame Smith on Modern Apprenticeships, Chief Executive of The Data Lab Gillian Docherty on digital technology and Council Chief Executive Elma Murray on the economic vision for North Ayrshire. In March, following a visit to the College, Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon wrote a guest post on the importance of attracting girls and women to careers in STEM.

Top of the blogs are always stories about, or written by, Ayrshire College students which you will see from the charts below.

Top ten posts published this year 

Articles written for this year’s Scottish Apprenticeship Week (which took place in the first week in March) take up three places in the ten most popular posts we have published so far this year. 

Posts focused on women in STEM, published for International Women’s Day, also secured three places in the top ten for 2016 so far.

  1. Meet the apprentice – Anna Manson, Spirit AeroSystems
  2. Guest post – First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP 
  3. Re-visit the apprentice – Jack Lynes, Billy Bowie Tankers
  4. Who can be an engineer? This Ayrshire Girl Can!
  5. Guest post – Why coding is the new must have creative skill!
  6. Modern Apprentice? You’re hired!
  7. Guest post – Student President Angela Alexander on This Ayrshire Girl Can
  8. Trainee Site Manager talks us through the new build
  9. Celebrating LGBT+ History Month
  10. 10 reasons why you should study Business Administration

Top ten posts of all time 

Topping the all-time chart is a post from this year’s Scottish Apprenticeship Week about aeronautical apprentice Anna Manson. 

Two of the posts published when we launched our blog in May 2014 continue to be amongst the most popular and continue to attract readers two years on! 

Eight out of the top ten stories are about or by current or former students.

  1. Meet the apprentice – Anna Manson, Spirit AeroSystems (Mar 2016)
  2. Angela Alexander – the Ayrshire star who just keeps on rising! (Nov 2014)
  3. Success in Sport: California Coach William Dunnachie (Nov 2015)
  4. How I became a Ryanair cabin crew member (Jun 2015)
  5. Tourism students meet Scottish Government Ministers (Mar 2015)
  6. Yvonne Neil talks about being an engineer in a “man’s world” (May 2014)
  7. Guest post – First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP (Mar 2016)
  8. Re-visit the apprentice – Jack Lynes, Billy Bowie Tankers (Mar 2016)
  9. Developing the Young Workforce Ayrshire (Oct 2015)
  10. Turnberry apprentices turn up the heat! (May 2014)

To date, the post with the best views ever – with 442 views in just one day – is Meet the apprentice – Anna Manson, Spirit AeroSystems which was also top of the blogs for both of the above charts. Anna’s story clearly captured the imagination of visitors to our blog!


Blog on!

There is always a lot to blog about at Ayrshire College. In the next few weeks, look out for new posts on topics like:

  • Tackling gender imbalance in care courses by attracting more men
  • How the College engages with employers
  • Mission Discovery – NASA programme with 200 Ayrshire school pupils and students
  • National Women in Engineering Day, 23 June 2016.

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Join our blogging community

Whether you’re a seasoned or a budding blogger, if you would like to write an article about something our readers would be interested in, please get in touch with Martin Currie in our marketing team at martin.currie@ayrshire.ac.uk.



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