This Man Cares – Calum McFadzean

Young people need positive role models. Calum McFadzean, HNC Social Care is one such role model.



Calum knew that he wanted to work with teenagers, especially after a course placement and voluntary work with the Lighthouse Foundation in Kilmarnock while studying at Ayrshire College. In his time there, he worked tirelessly to deliver information to Ayrshire’s young people on the negative impact that alcohol and drugs can have on a young person’s life.

Over the last few years, he has volunteered hundreds of hours to charity, sharing his hard hitting story to over 2000 young people in Ayrshire.

Social Care lecturer Linda Malone said “Calum is a great example of how a young man can turn his life around with perseverance, hard work, education and training.”

Calum now has a full-time permanent contract with Aspire Scotland which is an organisation which provides residential care and education for vulnerable children and young people.

Aspire Scotland is committed to transforming the lives of children and young people facing serious challenges in their life, providing a range of services from education to day care to full residential care.

About his everyday work, Calum said “We support young people to achieve better lives. Every day is different working in the social care industry – some days are definitely more challenging than others! It is so rewarding helping young people get back on track, teaching them life skills and helping them get to where they want to be.”

Caroline Penman, Residential Services Manager at Aspire said “Calum is professional and engaging with our young people. He has become a real role model. He supports our young people in all aspects of daily life including self-care, independence and education and leans on his experiences to promote positive outcomes, which is an ethos central to working in social care.”

Social Care course applications are open for August 2016. Early application is advised as the courses are very popular.

Find out more about courses, contact or phone 01294 559000 ext 3249.

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