This Man Cares – Paul McGuffie

Ayrshire College encourages the promotion, training and recruitment of men in early years childcare courses and inspires more men to consider a career in childcare. 

Men can bring different perspectives and new ideas to the job and be positive role models for children.

Paul McGuffie


Paul McGuffie, of Galston, has no regrets that he swapped his previous job of sixteen years as a driver for Barrs, before going to college to study childcare.  He felt that childcare was a career path he would like to pursue when his own children were younger. Paul initially studied NC Early Education and Childcare, before moving on to successfully complete HNC Early Education and Childcare at Ayrshire College

Dorothy Bell, Lecturer, Early Education said “Paul achieved a high level of work in his HNC Early Education and Childcare. He had excellent placement feedback and achieved glowing reports about his use of initiative and interaction with children and staff. This led to him securing employment at Shortlees Early Childhood and Family Centre.”

Paul has been employed with Shortlees ever since, and now works with 3 to 6 year old children.  He would like to continue studying and further enhance his skills with the aim of going to university to study BA Childhood Studies.

About his time at the College, Dorothy Bell also commented “Paul continued to provide mentoring support for subsequent male students. He has always been a role model and ambassador for Early Years.  It is crucial to encourage men into childcare as children benefit from having a positive male role model, and having a balance of men and women in the workforce brings different approaches, outlooks and styles to working with children”.

Paul said “It’s very important for children to have female and male role models, to help them develop, but also, for different kinds of understanding, interaction and play.  I’m passionate that more men should be encouraged to work in the industry”.

Early Education course applications are open for August 2016. Find out more about courses, email or phone 01294 559000 ext 3249.


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