A week in the life of a Police Officer

Brogan Robertson is a 17-year-old student at Ayrshire College on the Prince’s Trust course.  As part of her course, she was required to undertake work experience in an area she is passionate about. 

Brogan is keen to join the police and plans to enrol in the Police Studies course starting in September. 

We caught up with Brogan’s week in the life of a Police Officer as she shadowed the College’s Campus Liaison Officer, PC Kimberley Bradford.

Brogan said “I’ve done so much in a short space of time. From day one, I kept a diary of my experiences which I updated at the end of every day. It was really useful, as I was taught to keep this up to date and take details like a police officer would.

Some of the highlights of the week included:

  • Meeting the Student Association to discuss up and coming events and the different opportunities to engage with the students at Freshers’ Week.
  • Visiting Kilmarnock Police Station where I had a tour of the custody suite, and found out how prisoners are processed. I got a quick look into the cells and saw someone being processed, where finger prints are taken, interview rooms, that kind of thing.
  • Attending the Kilwinning Campus to hear PC Kimberley Bradford give a hate crime / 3rd party reporting presentation to staff. I learned quite a bit from this – for example, I didn’t know that Ayrshire College was a third party reporter to the students, staff, and the public.
  • Going to the Mounted Branch in Stewarton to meet the police horses and see the new recruits start their 16-week training course. I got to see how professional the riding officers and the horses are. It was very impressive.
  • Visiting the Force Training Centre in Jackton where I learned more about the police application process and was taken on a tour of the recruitment department. It was just amazing!
  • Being shown around the Police Scotland Dog branch by the dog handler, Constable Janet Findlay, who was the ‘kennel maid’ that day. The dogs, including a puppy, were very well behaved and focused on what they were doing. I learnt that the police officers train the dogs themselves and the dogs are trained for many situations such as finding fire arms, explosives, drugs and tracing people.
  • Completing a mock fitness test at Kay Park in Kilmarnock where I did a police-style warm-up session before doing the timed run. I ran 1.5 miles in 23 minutes, 49 seconds. At the end of my work experience we did the fitness test again, and I managed to cut my time by 3 minutes and 27 seconds!
  • Going to Ayr Sheriff Court to sit in on a summary court which covered three cases in half an hour. Afterwards, I got to see a judge and jury style proceeding. We had to leave before the verdict but got to hear the speeches from the Procurator Fiscal and the defence lawyer. It was a good experience to go and see what a court is actually like.

police - Copy

  • Meeting Traffic Police in Irvine Police Station where I learned that there are two driving units – the Divisional Road unit and the Trunk Roads unit. I also got shown a traffic car and the equipment used, which was quite exciting. I was given a breath test which came back zero!

What have been the highlights for you this week?

I can’t really choose a highlight, it’s all been great!  If I had to choose, the first highlight would be being at the dog branch, and seeing the dogs being trained from puppies. My second highlight would be taking 3 minutes off of my run time.

My time with Kimberley has made me more motivated to go ahead with a career in the police. Overall, I really enjoyed my experience and I am proud of myself for pushing my limits. I will definitely stick to getting fitter and improving my running time.

The work experience has definitely been beneficial, as I’ve been given an opportunity that not so many people who want to join the police get. I have learned so much and I’m sad that it’s over!

I have enjoyed every single minute of my work experience and I can’t thank PC Kimberley Bradford enough for letting me shadow her and for making it an amazing experience.

What’s next for you?

When I’ve finished the Prince’s Trust programme, I’m going on to do Police Studies at the College, then maybe Social Sciences.  I’d love to be a police officer when I’ve finished my studies, and would like to specialise in either the traffic police or become a dog handler.


Campus Police Officer Kimberley Bradford said “Brogan has truly been a breath of fresh air. She has been motivated, enthusiastic, well presented and polite. She has shown a keen interest in all of the various departments we have visited and the inputs she has received.

“She has clearly absorbed the vast amounts of information she has been bombarded with over the past two weeks, displaying her new found knowledge and ability to recall information at various points during this experience.

“Brogan has shown dedication, especially towards the fitness aspect that we incorporated into her work experience, making an outstanding improvement in the course of only a week.  I have seen a huge boost in her confidence levels, it’s been a truly inspirational and rewarding experience for us both.

“I am immensely proud of Brogan and with her attitude and determination I’m sure she will make a fantastic addition to Police Scotland in the future.”

Apply now for Police Studies or Uniformed Services

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