10 Reasons to study for a career in care

Because you are a people person! 

You like to talk, listen and most of all help people. A career in health and social care is all about helping and interacting with people to make their day better.

You want to make a difference

Do you want to make a positive difference to other people’s lives? A job in the care sector will give you a great sense of achievement.

You are compassionate

It’s all about helping people and making them feel better. Careers in healthcare are about helping people who are having problems with their physical or mental health. Careers in social care are concerned with helping vulnerable people in the community and providing them with support, so that they can benefit from a much more improved way of life. We will help you understand the different job roles and identify what career path is right for you.

You want to give something back

Perhaps you have experienced care in your life and it has helped shape your future. Often many people in this situation want to work in the care industry so that they can help other people who need care. You would bring a real understanding and empathy to the role and be able to relate well to the service user. We can show you how your personal qualities and skills can transfer into the workplace.

Develop your confidence

In order to thrive in these careers, you need to have the ability to build relationships with patients and service users. It is essential that people trust you, so if you are friendly, approachable, patient, and are good at starting up conversations and establishing rapport then a career in care might be for you. You also need the ability to relate to people from a variety of backgrounds. A sense of humour is essential! Care courses are all about developing your interpersonal skills so that you feel more confident dealing with people in the workplace.

Learn how to be resilient

Health and social care careers are some of the most rewarding you can pursue but can also be the most challenging emotionally. You certainly need to be genuinely compassionate and caring but you need to be thick-skinned and tolerant.

Get relevant work experience

Most of our courses involve a work placement in hospitals, care homes or in the community. This means you have an opportunity to have hands on experience in a job and find out if it is right for you. You will make contacts and if you work hard and make a good impression you will be able to have a reference to support future job applications.

Become a great team player

It’s all about the team! In our collaborative learning environment, you will learn to work as a team, how to get the best out of your team and discover what your role is in a team is.

There are lots of job opportunities

The NHS is the largest employer in Europe (over one million employees); however, many private institutions also employ lots of people in the healthcare arena. A large amount of these people are employed as doctors, dentists, paramedics, nurses and midwives, but plenty more are engaged within managerial, I.T. and administration work. These are the most recognisable jobs but there are lots of jobs you may be unaware of.

Start here Go anywhere

There is a huge shortage of skilled and qualified people in the care industry. In Ayrshire there are currently 340 vacancies in health and social care.

By starting your career at Ayrshire College you can build up qualifications, skills and experience to help prepare you for a wide variety of jobs in the care sector or further study at university.

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2 thoughts

  1. Dear sir/ madam.
    I am very interested in starting career in care course which sadly it has already started. I’m currently working within the health care as a care assistant in a care home in Kilmarnock. I applied to get in this career in care at Ayrshire College. Where I can get the SVQ qualifications before time runs out and I have to leave a job which is a calling for me. I love my job but scared I don’t have the SVQ ‘s to enable me to keep working which would devastate me. I applied for career in care but must have been too late due to no access to internet as I had problem out with my control through my internet provider. Whichever fixed promptly and I was praying and hoping if anyone drops out you consider me as soon as possible. I know this is my life. It makes me so happy and get great job satisfaction. I love my work in the care home. But I’m need a breakthrough as
    I’m nearly a year into this job and I really need these svq qualifications from Career in Care course you are running at present. If you could get into contact with me when on a drop out list. I will be straight there. Please, please contact me back at your earliest convenience I would be most grateful and over the moon. No idea how happy this would make me.
    Yours faithfully.

    Ashley Reid

    1. Hi Ashley, thanks for reading our blog and leaving a comment. We’re glad you are loving your career in care. Please can you call one of the following Care Administrative Assistants (depending on which campus suits you best) and they can arrange an interview with a member of the care team to discuss your training needs. The College is open weekdays from 8.45am until 4.45pm.

      Ayr: Lauren Byers 0300 303 0303 extension 7630

      Kilmarnock: 0300 303 0303 extension 4024

      Good luck!

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