New Campus Countdown: Focus on Social Science

As we continue our countdown to the new Kilmarnock Campus, we turn the curriculum spotlight on Social Science.

Ayrshire College offers the opportunity to study an exciting and diverse range of disciplines from this wide field including psychology, sociology, history, politics, philosophy and criminology.

We caught up with Colin Ross, Curriculum Manager for Education, Sports and Social Science to find out more about Social Science courses and what students can expect when they study with us in our new campus.

Tell us about the Social Science department at Ayrshire College

Social Science, by its very nature, encourages students to develop their understanding of the world in which we live and look at possible solutions to global issues.

We offer a range of courses at the College from NC to HND in areas including primary teaching, social and environmental studies as well as the traditional social sciences.

The Social Science team is dedicated to providing a well-rounded curriculum to our students. This education forms a solid basis on which learners can progress towards their career aspirations via numerous routes, including onward study to degree level and beyond.

We help students develop not only academic skills such as research and writing, but life and work skills that will be invaluable in their future careers.


What initiatives are your team involved with?

The Social Science team have worked to develop strong links with local stakeholders to provide students with the opportunity to help contribute and engage beyond the classroom. This year students will be involved in some of the following;

  • Access to Primary Education students are supporting Heritage Scotland history walks around Kilmarnock with local primary school children and assisting with the Kilmarnock WWI research project as well.
  • HND and HNC Social Science students are delivering a range of social science talks at the Dementia Scotland Resource Centre.
  • Each year the Social & Environmental Studies students provide invaluable support to the Dean Castle Country Park rangers in a range of projects including ecological research and regeneration of the park, many of which have been shortlisted for national awards.


What do you think makes the department successful?

Having staff that are supportive, approachable and deliver engaging courses allows students to realise their full potential. The diverse subject knowledge of the staff maximises the choice for students when deciding on what subject matter they wish to cover.

How important is working with local employers/partners to the department?

The work that the students do with local stakeholders provides support to the community. Working outside of the classroom environment provides another dimension to their learning experience and helps them appreciate the real world applications of social sciences.

What facilities and equipment will the students benefit from at the new Kilmarnock Campus

Students will have access to purpose built classrooms, as well as breakout and touchdown areas where they can work on collaborative projects in a relaxed environment. The range of learning areas and resources will provide opportunities for innovative and diverse learning and teaching. The new leisure and catering facilities will also offer students the opportunity to balance their studies with socialising.

What type of careers can Social Science and Environmental Science courses lead to?

The beauty of the courses within social sciences is that they offer students the opportunity to progress into almost any area they wish. Students have progressed into diverse employment areas ranging from teaching, civil service, journalism, law, health and social care, research, environmental agencies, countryside rangers, media, human resources and many more.

For all the latest information on our new campus development in Kilmarnock click here.

A list of all Social Science related courses can be found by clicking here.

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