RESPECT #ourayrshire

At Ayrshire College, we are proud to have a campus community that is respectful, welcoming and inclusive to all.  We want students and staff to be proud of where they study and work, and to create a sense of belonging within the College community.


Respect involves everyone at the College and Ayrshire College Respect Week 2016 is all about building a respectful environment for both students and staff.

Ayrshire College is proud of its high standards on each campus, offering the latest equipment and technology and its involvement with the local community. This is our local College – it’s where we work and study and we are proud of it and want to look after it and each other.

Our RESPECT campaign 2016 focuses on four main themes, asking students and staff to:

Respect People – Let’s celebrate equality and diversity, and ensure everyone is treated equally, and with mutual trust and respect.

Respect the Environment – encourage all to look after the College environment and enjoy the learning space, by contributing to recycling, using the litter bins provided and to consider greener travel.

Respect the Community – consider the neighbours of the College, by not dropping litter, respecting smoke-free campuses and parking considerately in and around the campuses.

Respect Myself – we believe that good health and wellbeing is essential for our students and staff to achieve their goals.  Respect starts with yourself.

RESPECT Week highlights the importance of working alongside the Student Association, Estates team, Equalities, Health & Safety and Student Services teams and Police Scotland/NHS partners and supporting the work they do on a daily basis to promote respect.

Ayrshire College launches RESPECT Week on Monday 21st November at the Kilmarnock Campus.  Look out for information stands across campus between 10am and 2pm from Monday 21st November.  We’ll be at the Ayr campus on Tuesday 22 November and at Kilwinning campus on Wednesday 23rd November from 10am to 2pm.


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