Meet the Ayr graduation prizewinners

Today is a big day for so many students of Ayrshire College: it’s the Ayr graduation!

In the lead-up to this event we have been unveiling one graduation prizewinner per day on our website.

There are 13 recipients in total – 10 ‘Student of the Year’ winners, and one winner each of the ‘Institute of Hospitality’, ‘Making a Difference in the Community’ and ‘Outstanding Achievement’ awards.

And here they are!

Read what these 13 students think about receiving these awards.

Student of the Year for Aeronautical – sponsored by The Royal Aeronautical Society


I feel very proud winning this award. It has been a tough time specifically over the last 6 months of the course. The pressure of having a full-time job working shifts and completing the HND got a bit much at times and I felt like giving it up. However I managed to complete it and do well. Receiving this award makes it seem worthwhile.

It will hopefully benefit me should I go for a job in the future. It will show my employer I am a hard worker which has obviously been recognised.

Student of the Year for Arts and Fashion – sponsored by Visualize This


I am delighted to have won this award, especially at this stage in my life. I did work really hard on the course, mainly because I was enjoying myself so much. It is lovely to have my hard work recognised, but some of the credit should go to the excellent lecturers. Without their support and encouragement I could not have achieved so much.

The course was really life changing for me and has given me the skills and the opportunity of starting out in another direction, doing something that I really enjoy. It has given me confidence and a belief in myself and my abilities. If this continues to lead to financial gain, that would be amazing, but equally I shall enjoy practising and experimenting and exploring the many techniques that I have learned.

Student of the Year for Business, Administration and Accounts – sponsored by The McKissock Family


The Student of the Year Award was unexpected however without the coaching of my lecturers, and the support and commitment of all my classmates this would have been more difficult to achieve. Therefore, my thanks has to go out to each and every one of them.

There are many skills I have gained from the course. At the age of almost 50, it just goes to show that you can teach an “Old Dog New Tricks”!

Student of the Year for Care – sponsored by SWAPWest



I feel really grateful and appreciative of this award. When I was told by my lecturer at college that I had been put forward for it, I felt overwhelmed for the recognition of all my hard work and dedication to the course.

I will continue to work hard and produce high standards of work. This award has shown me that with determination and hard work and also self-belief, it will be recognised. I feel that being put forward for the award alone is an achievement in itself.

Student of the Year for Construction, Technology and Trades – sponsored by Ashleigh


I feel honoured to have won this award  as there is a lot of good students to choose from but I always give 100% to my work and indeed anything I do or take part in because at the end of the day what is the point in doing something, if you don’t love doing it!

This award could open more doors in the future for me, to have this on my CV is brilliant.

Student of the Year for Early Years – sponsored by Ede and Ravenscroft


To have won this award is overwhelming. It is such an honour to have been chosen and I am very proud that my work and college experience has been recognised. I would say that I have my fellow students and lecturers to thank as I could not have done it without them.

This award has shown me that I am capable of achieving my dream of becoming a primary school teacher. Acknowledging my hard work and dedication has inspired me and given me the confidence I will need to get through university. In the future I would like to be a Primary School Teacher and aspire to work with children with support needs.

Student of the Year for Engineering and Science – sponsored by BAE Systems Regional Aircraft


It feels awesome to have won this award because I honestly never knew it existed. At HNC/HND level there is nothing to differentiate the grades of students.  An A grade is an A grade, you can’t achieve merit or distinction. It is nice to see that all the hard work and effort does not go unnoticed.

The aerospace industry is extremely competitive and difficult to break into. This award will undoubtedly look good on my CV and hopefully make me look more enticing to a potential employer.

Student of the Year for Hospitality and Tourism – sponsored by Glasgow Prestwick Airport


It’s a huge honour to receive this award – not only do I feel it’s recognition for the hard work I put in throughout the year, but it’s also made my family very proud too.

Already this has given me a great boost in confidence going into the HND level of Travel and Tourism.

Student of the Year for Music and Performance – sponsored by Developing the Young Workforce


I’m really thrilled to win this award. I’ve worked very hard over the last year and it feels great to know that all that effort has paid off.

This award has given me the confidence to continue with my studies knowing that, with a bit of hard work, I can achieve my goals.

Student of the Year for Science – sponsored by Wai Beyond


I am overjoyed as I would have never in a million years thought I would have been able to achieve this award. After a very hard year of studying and working to achieve an ‘A’ in the Graded Unit, this just tops it off!

I think it’ll be a very good award to have on my CV, as it shows the dedication and effort that I put in.

The Institute of Hospitality Award – sponsored by The Institute of Hospitality


I always wanted to get this award – I believe it will give me an extra boost when applying for jobs, as well as giving me more self-confidence. I have really achieved the best that I can be within my course.

This award should benefit me greatly as it shows that alongside working hard in class, I also manage well and am organised enough to go that extra mile in the work that I do.

Making a Difference in the Community – sponsored by The Rotary Club of Alloway


I’m at Ayrshire College for my second year, completing my HND Aircraft Engineering, and then I’ll be full-time on the shop floor. I’ll continue learning there and try to get them to send me on new courses!

I’d love to travel. We do secondments at Spirit Aerosystems, and I’d love to go on a couple of them. I know a few people who work here doing composite repair training, and I’d love to do that and travel everywhere.

Outstanding Achievement – sponsored by SQA


It feels great to have won this award.  It’s given me the confidence to keep on going with what I want to do in the future.  At the moment I’m working towards my own fashion label with the help from a company in Glasgow.  My future plans are to have a successful fashion brand.

The College staff are all great, they want to help and to see you go far in your dreams, so I would definitely recommend going to Ayrshire College!

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