Respect Roy

You may have noticed we launched our Respect Campaign this week across all campuses.

Respect, in all its forms, may be something that you don’t often think about. Yet it is a crucial quality to develop in order to have effective relationships at college.

Our Respect Campaign highlights the need to ‘Respect Yourself’, ‘Respect the Community’, ‘Respect the Environment’ and ‘Respect People’.

Each strand is vital to understand for their own unique reasons.

This three-part blog will hopefully allow you to reflect on why it’s important to ‘Respect People’, as members of our Estates Team walk you through their daily lives working at our Ayr, Irvine and Kilmarnock campuses.

For the final part of this week’s blog series, we have Roy Bell, a Centre Support Assistant at Irvine, telling his story.


Our Skills Centre of Excellence Campus in Irvine opened its doors to students in October 2014. It’s a different type of campus to our main three in Ayr, Kilmarnock and Kilwinning.

For one, it’s adjoined to Irvine Royal Academy.

One man who knows all about the differences that come with a campus like this – which caters to Construction, Health and Social Care, Hospitality, and Sport and Fitness students – is Roy Bell.

Roy has worked as a Centre Support Assistant at Irvine since June 2015 and knows every staff member and student that walks through the door.

Roy said “You get to know the students after the first few weeks of term. We do have quite a lot of students here, but I know all of their faces. Most of them say hello to you. You could actually say hello to someone for two or three years every morning without ever knowing their name!

“We’re a smaller campus. There are probably things that I do that other estates staff don’t, purely down to the fact that we don’t have a college cleaner here at all times like they do at the three main campuses.

“We also have an agreement with Irvine Royal Academy where our students are allowed to use the school canteen. So at lunch time I assist in making sure they generally behave themselves. There are rules that the school has for when the students come into the school, so I make sure they are adhered to.”

For two mornings every week, Roy also assists with some duties at the Kilwinning Campus.

“I go there to mainly brush up the cigarette ends outside the smoking areas, and generally keep the place looking clean and tidy. I also have to sticker cars that are parked outwith the designated areas – so if you get a sticker I’ve probably gave it to you!

“In the summer, when our Irvine campus is closed, I assist across the other main campuses. So I get to meet other staff and students.”

So, having experienced the atmosphere at three different campuses – one very different – how does Roy rate the level of respect he receives?

“It’s not bad; the respect I get. The biggest thing that has come up would be the issue of smoking. I’d say we’re quite good here at Irvine purely because of our smaller numbers. You never see anyone smoking on campus, they always go outside the gates. However, we also work in partnership with Irvine Royal Academy on the level of smoking and address any issues as and when they arise.

“A couple of times I’ve had to go out and politely ask students to move away from the entrance areas, and they’ve been fine.

“I would just say to anyone we need to speak to: anything that you’re being told or asked to do, is for your benefit as well as the College’s. We’re not moaning at you, there’s a reason for it. We’re trying to make the place as pleasant as possible for any student or visitor that comes in.”

Please choose to Respect Roy and others like him by disposing of your rubbish and cigarettes appropriately.


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