Ayrshire College Trophy Winners – James Hamilton Academy

Today we are continuing with our blog series of the Ayrshire College Trophy Winners from Ayrshire’s Secondary Schools. James Hamilton Academy awarded their trophy to Cole Archibald.

We have interviewed Cole previously as part of our school college partnership courses blog series.


We caught up with Cole after he received the award.

Why did James Hamilton Academy award you the Ayrshire College Trophy?

During my 4th year at school I choose to study Uniformed Services at Ayrshire College two afternoons a week, along with my other school subjects.

What kind of activities did you do that helped you achieve the award?

As part of the course I played Volley Ball, which I really enjoyed. The lecturer saw that I liked it and asked me to join the College Volley Ball team. I played for the team during my course. I also did well in the course and my subjects at school.

Are you continuing with these activities in 5th year?

As I am not studying at the college at the moment I am no longer on the Volley Ball Team, but I am still actively involved in sports in my spare time. I am looking forward to starting at the College when I have left school.

Did you enjoy the Uniformed Services course?

Yes, I thought it was brilliant. When I was making my subject choices in 3rd year I was excited to see it was an option I could take. I really enjoyed going to College during the week. It is a different environment from school.

What was your favourite part of the course?

I liked all of the sports activities we got to do, especially football and volley ball. There was quite a lot of theory and homework in the course but it was easy to balance with my school work. I enjoyed the mix of school and college.

When did you find out you had won the award?

A letter was sent home from school to tell me I had won an award and I went to prize giving to collect it.

How did it make you feel winning the award?

I was so proud of myself. I didn’t think it would be me that would win the award.

What are you ambitions for the next year?

I am starting a Modern Apprenticeship soon in welding and fabrication with Annandale Design. I will be coming back to Ayrshire College to complete it.

I applied not long ago for the apprenticeship and interviewed for the opportunity. I have always wanted to do welding and fabrication as that’s what my dad does. He has taken me into the workshop already to help me get started.

When do you start the Modern Apprenticeship?

I have to wait until I turn 16 years old, so I will be able to leave school after Christmas. I turn 16 on a Friday and start my Modern Apprenticeship on the Monday. I am very excited to start. I did think about staying on for 5th year but this is the job I want to do and feel this is a great pathway for me.

Lesley Miller, Deputy Head Teacher from James Hamilton Academy, commented

“Cole was very enthusiastic about the sporting side of his course and was proud to tell me that he had been chosen to play in the volleyball team.

It was the correct course for Cole to follow and he enjoyed having the opportunity to spend his time between school and college.”


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