Respect Elaine

Our Respect campaign encourages everyone to ‘Respect Yourself’, ‘Respect the Community’, ‘Respect the Environment’ and ‘Respect People’.

Respect, in all its forms, may be something that you don’t often think about. Yet it is a crucial quality to develop in order to have effective relationships at college.

We recently heard from members of our Estates team, who spoke candidly about the importance of feeling respected at work.

Now we catch up with members of our Front of House team, the first point of contact at the College, to get their perspective on the subject.

Following Respect Carol, we spoke to Elaine McVey at the Kilmarnock Campus to get her thoughts.


Yesterday we heard from Elaine’s colleague Carol, who has provided Ayrshire College with 25 years of service.

Today we change gears a little and speak to Elaine McVey who has only been in the job for six months.

Elaine has moved around the campuses during this time as she gets to know her working environment.

She said “I’ve settled in quite well. It’s interesting to meet new people and learn how each campus works. I was actually a student here for two years at the Kilwinning Campus, studying HNC and HND Administration and IT.

“As a student I didn’t actually appreciate how much work the staff do here. It’s only when I started that I realised ‘wow, they do loads for us’. They seemed like a good company to work for, which is why I went for the job.”

Having recently been on both sides of the reception desk, Elaine is in a great position to speak about the relationship between students and the Front of House team.

She said “We provide them with the information that they need, whether it’s finding out which room they’ve to go to or putting them in contact with their lecturers.

“In my six months here I’ve never experienced anyone – students or staff – disrespecting me. The only thing I would say is that you do get a lot of students who are quite noisy. I think they tend to forget that we are a working area. However, if you ask them to be quiet, they’re usually alright about it.”

A point that Carol raised previously was how necessary it is for the Front of House team to be made aware of visitors.

It’s something that Elaine is also keen to stress to staff.

“Sometimes we get a visitor come in and we’ve no idea who they’re here to see. It would be good if staff could keep us more informed.

“My advice would be to give reception as much information as possible. It’s good to respect people and keep them informed.”

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