Using data to transform how you receive health and care

Ever thought about how data helps or hinders your life?

Ever thought about its impact on your health?

Did you know that your data will transform how you receive health and care, and how it will be delivered in the future?

Brendan Faulds has spent a career using data to improve sales and productivity for large multinational companies and, for the last 13 years, with the NHS in Scotland.

He is speaking at our Ayrshire Bytes: Data Changes Everything  conference at our Kilmarnock Campus on Tuesday 21 March.

Brendan embarked on a mission to fill a “data deficit” over 11 years ago in the NHS which helped transform procurement in the NHS and across the public sector.

In recent years, Brendan turned his attention to digital healthcare and, for the last two and a half years, helped establish the Digital Health & Care Institute, one of Scotland’s eight Innovation Centres.

Digital healthcare is about technology alongside the data that it either needs or creates. These combine to change the way that health and care services are provided.

Digital health empowers the citizen, putting you at the centre of your care and in control of your data.

Hear more from Brendan at our Data Changes Everything conference which is a Datafest 2017 fringe event.

Book your place here.


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