Why you should study hairdressing and barbering

In this blog we interviewed Kelly Murray who is the stylist in the You Salon which is located in the Kilmarnock Campus. Kelly is also one of our hairdressing lecturers.  We wanted to find out a bit more about her pathway into this career.kellyyousalon

What did you do after school?

I left school at 16 and worked in retail for a year. I went to college at 17 to complete a childcare qualification at Ayrshire College, Ayr Campus. After this I went on to work in a childcare setting and completed work based qualifications up to management level.

How did you get into hairdressing?

In my early to mid 20s I was looking for a career change. I was encouraged by some of my colleagues at the time to consider hairdressing. It was something I was so passionate about and loved doing. I decided to come back to Ayrshire College when I was 25 and I completed my HNC Hairdressing alongside an evening Barbering course.

What was your experience like coming back to study at Ayrshire College?

I thought the courses were brilliant and they opened up a lot of different opportunities for me. I got endless amounts of support from the lecturers and the Student Services team.

Why did you choose to study barbering as well?

When I was training to be a hairdresser, I did all of the barbering qualifications alongside this. I think it makes you attractive to clients if you can do both ladies and gents hair. At the time it wasn’t part of the hairdressing course so I did this in the evenings. The College now offers a full time barbering course here and I’d definitely recommend it.

What do you think of barbering?

I think trends are changing and demand is growing for barbers. Gents are looking for different styles, fades and perms. Just have a look at what is trending on social media and you’ll soon see how there is an increasing popularity with barbering and owning a barbershop. I think men look for that chilled out experience when they are going for a haircut.

A barbering course at Ayrshire College is a worthwhile investment in your skills.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Getting to do what I love every day but also getting to work with the students. I help students get experience in the You Salon, and also help out in their courses as I am on the Bank Register as a lecturer and I absolutely love it.

What’s been your biggest achievement in your career?

I had my own salon for years, which was a massive experience for me. However the biggest achievement has been getting to work for Ayrshire College. It’s always been a goal of mine and to be able to achieve that has been fantastic.

If you were to tell a future student why they should study hairdressing or barbering what would you say?

It gives you endless possibilities. It’s a fantastic pathway to employment and the College will support you throughout.  If you are already a trained hairdresser you should also consider enhancing your qualifications and learning about new trends by attending the HNC Hairdressing evening classes. It’s a great opportunity to upskill and improve your technique.

Courses are open for August 2017 applications:

  • HNC Hairdressing, click here.
  • NC Hairdressing Level 5, click here.
  • Nc Hairdressing Level 6, click here.
  • SVQ Barbering @ SCQF Level 5, click here.

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