Girls with Grit: Claire Hosie, Ashleigh Construction

Can you give me a brief history of your career?
I started with Ashleigh Scotland Limited three years ago in a graduate position. I had just finished a Marketing degree and began working with Ashleigh as a business coordinator. That involves me doing the bid preparation for all our tenders, as well as all our community engagement with local schools, Ayrshire College and businesses.


Is there equality in the industry you work in?
We try very hard to have gender balance, and we’ve got quite a lot of women in the professional side of our industry. Unfortunately, in the trades we don’t have many. We’re trying to get more women in. Recently, we appointed a female apprentice painter and already have an existing female painter in the third year of her apprenticeship. We’ve got two female project managers but we’re still trying to get more women into trades.

What’s the key to success?
I think it’s focus, willingness to learn, learning from your mistakes and always trying to improve. Learn and develop key skills, and remember to always ask if you’re struggling and need help.

If there are women starting out in the industry and facing challenges, what advice would you give them?

When I started out I didn’t know much about construction, so I was always asking questions, looking to learn more. I also had a business mentor outwith the construction industry who was very helpful. It is good to have someone outwith your work to talk to. They gave me great advice and helped me focus on my career path. So, if there’s anyone doing what you do, but in a different industry, it might be good to sit down and talk to them.

What opportunities are there with Ashleigh Scotland?
On the professional side, there’s always updates on our website, Twitter and LinkedIn on the various roles we have. We also take on apprentices every year. Our intake for this year has just closed so we will be recruiting again in May 2018.

How would people find out about these and apply for the roles?
Any career opportunities we have are always displayed on our website, Twitter and LinkedIn.

All information on how to apply is on our website and where there are email addresses for anyone looking to apply for either professional or apprenticeship roles. There is a person in each department who responds to these emails and we always keep names on file for any opportunities that become available.

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