Business Studies student helps Dundonald Castle Visitor Centre

College is a great place to start a highly successful and rewarding business career.

Charlotte Bailey is an HND Business student who produced an up-to-date business plan for Dundonald Castle Visitor Centre.  This was central to the visitor centre being able to apply for necessary funding to improve their facilities at Dundonald Castle in Ayrshire.


Roy Kavanagh, Treasurer of the Friends of Dundonald Castle, has been involved with the project from the beginning.  He saidWorking with Charlotte has been a big bonus for us.  We were unsure about how to go about writing a business plan, so having her help has been invaluable.

The information from the business plan is necessary for the future of improvements of the visitor centre and being able to work with a student from Ayrshire College on this project is definitely something we would consider again, as we’ve developed great working relationships.  The hope is that from the work that Charlotte has contributed to the business plan, it will increase our chances of success when applying for the necessary funding.”

We asked Charlotte how she became involved in the project and her experience as a Business student at Ayrshire College.

Charlotte said “I volunteered to do the work.  The fact that the business plan I produced for the visitor centre is actually being used in the real world is fantastic.

Working on a live project has been a great opportunity.  I’ve managed to gain a lot of practical experience – there’s a big difference between learning the theory at College and actually putting this into practice in the workplace, so I think that’s been a definite bonus.  Just being able to step into the working environment and arranging meetings with people has been a really valuable experience.

I won’t pretend that it hasn’t been a challenge working on the project for the castle, because it has!  Despite the additional work, I feel like I have an advantage when it comes to looking for a job, as I’ve now got this extra experience of working on a live project.

At the moment, I’m taking some time off as I’m having a baby, but I have my sights set on pursuing a career in business.

I’ve really enjoyed studying HND Business from start to finish, and I would definitely recommend studying a business course. It doesn’t matter what age you are, you can come to college and develop your skills. These skills can be transferred into any job you want. But you’ve got to work hard and most of all, believe in yourself!”

Ayrshire College offers a diverse range of courses in Business, Administration and Computing– from short introductory courses, to highly specialist technical courses and professional awards.

Once qualified you will have a range of skills allowing you to work in various areas of a business including marketing, sales, customer service, HR, accounting, ICT and admin.

Read our 10 reasons why you should study Business Administration for further information.

Business and Administration courses start in August 2017.  Find out more here.

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