Nothing beats Ayrshire College for DJ George

Meet George Davidson- Ayrshire College’s own resident DJ.

George, a Connect to Community Moving On student, tells us about starting his own business and life as a DJ.

George Davidson

It is not uncommon in the Supported Learning classrooms to find George at the decks, DJ’ing at class events or fundraisers. George has been a student at the College for a couple of years now and aspires to be a successful DJ.

We caught up with him before the end of term to find out what it’s like to be a local DJ and what he aspires to do in the future.

Why did you decide to study Connect to Community- Moving On?

I studied Connect to Community last year and wanted to decide what I might like to do after college, so choose to do the next level which is the Moving On class. I have been a student at the College for a few years now and think this might be my last.

How did you get into being a DJ?

I have been interested in becoming a DJ since I was a child, I have always really enjoyed music. DM2 (Friendship and Social Activity Project organisation in Ayrshire) were running a course on how to be a DJ in 2014 and asked me if I would be interested in taking it.

I was really excited about completing the course and received my certificate after 10 weeks. I was actually studying at the College at the same time. My lecturer was great and let me use one of the course days per week to take the DJ course. The College really supported me and were happy for me to complete the course as long as I kept up with my college work.

I did have all my own equipment at home before I took the course. I would DJ for family parties and events. I am glad I achieved my certificate though.

So, what’s it like being a local DJ?

It’s great being a DJ. My first ever DJ job was with DM2, I volunteered to be the DJ at one of their events to gain some work experience. Now I have started my own business – DJ Geo – and DJ at private parties and events.

I mostly get jobs through word of mouth at the moment. It’s not an every week thing yet, it’s more of when I am needed. I am flexible though, all I need is enough time to organise my equipment to get there, which DM2 helps me with.

What is your favourite genre of music and what song are you most often asked to play?

 I like a variety of music, whatever people want me to play I will. The most popular genre is dance music. It tends to be the most requested.

I think the song I am most often asked to play is ‘Bits and Pieces’ (Artemesia/Calvin Harris).

What is the best thing about being a DJ?

You really gain so much confidence. I also really enjoy going to all the events and doing something that I love.

What is the most challenging part of being a DJ?

I think the hardest part of being a DJ is if you are not used to playing to large crowds. It took me a while to build up my confidence and feel comfortable doing my job.

Sometimes I have weekends where I have been working in the evening and then have to get up in the morning for another event. It’s all part of the job though.

What would your advice be to someone thinking of becoming a DJ?

Most people think it’s only playing on the decks but it’s so much more. You need to have Health and Safety training as there is a lot of electrical equipment to set up. If you don’t know how to set up the wires and tables it can be dangerous. I would advise anyone wanting to give it a try to learn how to set up the equipment as well.

What are your future ambitions?

 At the moment I am planning to volunteer with DM2 when I finish college and hopefully continue being a DJ. I am hoping my business continues to grow and then I will take it from there.

Arlene Trapp, Curriculum Manager for Essential Skills, wished George all the best on behalf of all staff within Supportive Education “I would like to wish George the very best of luck as he continues to turn his interest into a viable business. George has been a fantastic inspiration to students and staff, and reminds all of the importance of identifying a goal and keeping on track to achieve it.”

There is a wide range of supportive education courses available at the College. Click here to find out more about what we have on offer.



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