Why working in Digital Technologies is the way forward

Digital technologies play a part in everything – from the way we work, to how we spend our leisure time and how businesses operate. The next big technological innovation is always just around the corner.

These changes bring lots of new, exciting career opportunities. As well as technology employers, you’ll find ICT and digital technology jobs in many other sectors such as healthcare, financial services and the creative industries.

Over 90,000 people work in digital technology roles in Scotland, with an average full-time salary of £37,500, which is 30% higher than the Scottish average (source www.myworldofwork.co.uk).

We spoke to Tony Bryden and Stuart Robertson at Microtech Support Ltd to get a better idea of the opportunities available in the digital sector.  Microtech Support Ltd are part of Microtech Group Ltd, an award winning professional IT sales and support organisation, based in Ayrshire.


Tony Bryden is a Senior Infrastructure Analyst, and has been at Microtech for just over 1 year.

“I’m on the corporate side of the business.  As an Infrastructure Analyst I look after just over 90 public sector companies, and support things from as small as password resets, to whole network builds, so pretty much all aspects of IT.

I started off as a mechanic when I was younger.  I was about 23 when I decided I wanted to do something else.  As I’d always been into computers, I went to Ayrshire College over 6 years ago to study computing, before going on to university where I studied Network Engineering.

I’ve found one of the main things about the IT industry is that you’re constantly learning.  I’ve just signed up to do more industry courses.  I like to keep myself up to date with the latest technology as its forever changing.

At Microtech no day is the same.  Every job that comes in is different from the next.  I do site visits as well, so it’s good to get out and about to help customers.

I couldn’t see myself working in any other industry, apart from IT.  It’s where the world is going, and I’m glad to be working in the industry.  Everything relies on IT, whether it’s a website or it’s your home network, absolutely everything relies on it.

One thing I’d say is get the experience and build on it, show your initiative and be prepared to continually learn.”

Stuart Robertson has been an Escalations Analyst at Microtech for 2 years.

“At Microtech we provide support for corporate customers, but we also provide support for a bespoke software for the NHS.  It’s a software that houses all patient records, and as an Escalations analyst, I’m on the second-line team for NHS support calls.

I studied photography at college, then changed to retail for 5 years, then became a painter doing sign writing and mural painting, before deciding that what I really wanted to do, was work in IT.  I didn’t have any qualifications or experience, but I didn’t let that stop me.

When I saw Microtech were hiring I thought I’d go for it.  Initially, I was part of the team that were the first point of contact, so I would be answering phones, troubleshooting and helping clients with basic IT fixes.

I’ve progressed since then and I’m now training to become an in-house trainer, which means that I’ll get to go out and train NHS staff on the bespoke software.  I’ve been working with the software for 2 years so I know it well.

I discovered that it’s important to take all opportunities when you’re in the industry.  You’re always going to be learning, thinking on your feet, and the best way to learn is just to get stuck in.

I would say, find what you’re good at – are you good at server maintenance, infrastructure, networking?  When you’re starting out, aim for something specific and you can grow from there.

I would also absolutely recommend doing work experience and apprenticeships.  If you can do a job, get paid for it and getting qualifications as well, you can’t beat that to be honest.  I got offered an IT & Telecoms Modern Apprenticeship 6 months into working for Microtech.  I’m in the process of doing that just now, and for me, there’s no looking back.”

If you think that a career in IT and Digital Technologies might be for you, click here to view the courses we have on offer.

In today’s business environment an understanding of digital technologies, apps and internet solutions is essential.  Learn more on our Digital Technologies for Business course.

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