Happy to help – Ayrshire College’s Inclusive Learning Team

Ayrshire College is committed to supporting all students to have a positive learning experience.

One of the ways we do this, is by making sure our students can access all the support they might need while they are here. We introduce them to our Inclusive Learning team.

If you have a support need that impacts on your learning and participation at college, the first step is letting the Inclusive Learning team know.

We spoke to two former students who did just that.  Here is their experience.

Anne-Marie Crawford - HNC Care and Administrative PracticeAnne-Marie Crawford – HNC Care and Administrative Practice

“I’d gone to university when I left school but I didn’t stay.  When I decided to return to education as a mature student with children, I didn’t want to apply to university straight away, so I looked into other avenues.

That’s when I applied to Ayrshire College.  I originally applied to the Access to Nursing course but when I came for the induction, I discovered I was overqualified, so was advised to go for the HNC course.  I was happy with that but a little bit nervous since I’d been out of education for a number of years.

When I arrived at college I told them straight away that I was dyslexic.  I was very surprised at how quickly they took me under their wing and took care of everything for me.  The information was then passed on to all of my lecturers.  The whole process just flowed very quickly and everything was in place, which was brilliant.

I was told what funding I was eligible for, so that I could apply for equipment to help with dyslexia.  I didn’t know that I would be eligible for anything, but the College worked with me to complete the process.  I was thrilled.

The equipment I received is fantastic and it makes a world of difference to my work, writing essays and taking notes has become a lot more straightforward.  I also had a scribe during exams.

All this has made a huge difference to my confidence, so much so, that I achieved an A in my HNC, and I don’t think I would have done it, if it were not for the help I received.

I haven’t had to worry about exams coming up, arrangements were made and I was given extra time in the exam.  The lecturers are always very supportive too, working with me to make sure I had all the information I needed.

My whole experience with the Inclusive Learning team has been amazing.  I’m always made to feel important and relevant.  If it wasn’t for this support, I might not have lasted the course.

I’m starting university in September and my plan is to go on and do my honours as well.  I feel really confident going onto university now.”

Elizabeth Summerville – NC Wellness  Elizabeth Summerville – NC Wellness

“Prior to coming to college, I was a Personal Banking Manager, but when I became ill with ME, I could no longer work.  The medication I had to take made me feel really unwell, and that’s when I thought, I want to do something for myself to make me feel better.

So that’s when I decided to apply to college.  It was fantastic, as the course taught me about ‘wellness’, rather than ‘illness’.  I don’t take any medication any more, I’ve got a lot more confidence.

I sometimes struggle putting my thoughts onto paper, so my lecturer suggested I could benefit from talking to the Inclusive Learning team about some additional support.  The help I’ve received has been incredible.  There’s been such a lot of pressure taken off me.  It’s been amazing to know there is help available.  Especially in exam situations when you could feel under pressure, it has made such a difference having more time to do each exam.

The support that was put in place for me included scribing and a laptop with the necessary software. I’d never expected such help!    The process was so easy.  It was like a piece of the jigsaw was missing, and that’s where the Inclusive learning team came in.

It’s been fabulous.  I can’t fault the support I’ve had, and I know that if I hadn’t received this support, my confidence would not be the same.  It’s had a massive impact.  I’m a different person since I started last year.

I had thought about going on to the HND, but my plans have changed.  I’m opening my own complementary therapy business.  I’ve got a new-found confidence and I’ve been encouraged by family and friends to go for it.  I feel like I’m ready to fly.”

Head of Inclusion, Doreen Wales said “what’s great is that the Inclusive Learning team and the curriculum teams work together, which is really important for the best interest of each student.”

Support that may be offered from Inclusive Learning includes: dyslexia screening, equipment loan, assistive technology, 1:1 workshops, sign language interpreters and signposting to other support available eg counselling.

For more information, please contact the Inclusive Learning team

Ayr Campus – 01292 293 553

Kilmarnock Campus – 01563 523 501 ext 4058

Kilwinning Campus – 01294 555 325

Or email inclusivelearning@ayrshire.ac.uk








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