Why study for a career in Admin and IT?

Jade Blair, from Kilbirnie, started at Ayrshire College, studying HND Admin and IT.  She has recently graduated with a first class honours degree in Information Technology at the University of the West of Scotland, gaining the highest grade in her year.

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We asked her more about her learner journey.

“I’d been to college before, studying social sciences when I left school.  I wasn’t really ready for it at the time, so I left and worked as a temp for a year, while I decided what I wanted to do next.

That’s when I came to Ayrshire College to study IT.  The course was mostly learning about administration, Microsoft Office packages, business, computing, accounts and payroll.  There’s so many jobs that need someone with the skills you learn studying Admin and IT.  It’s definitely one of those courses!

When I finished at Ayrshire College, I moved on to year two of university and studied Information Technology.  I’ve just graduated with a first class honours.

UWS award a court medal to the person in each course that gains the highest grade across all the UWS campuses for that course. I got awarded the medal at graduation – It was a complete surprise, I didn’t even know the award existed!  I got an average of 82%.

I believe that if it wasn’t for the support I’d got at my time at Ayrshire College, I wouldn’t be where I am.  The lecturing staff’s support is amazing, always pushing you to get to the next level. College gave me the confidence and skills I needed to help me cope at university.

Currently I am a CAD designer, designing kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.  It’s only part time but I’m lucky enough to have a few interviews lined up.  One is at Strathclyde University for a Data Analyst role, and the other is at DELL as an Accounts Manager selling IT infrastructures to schools.  There’s more scope for progression with bigger companies like these.  It’s graduate programmes, so fingers crossed I get the job!

If you get into a career like Admin and IT, there’s so many roles available that include an aspect of admin and IT, so I’m finding I’ve got a lot of options.  Almost all job adverts state that they want someone with admin and IT skills.  It’s a skill that is limitless.

I have ambitions to get into Business Intelligence and analytics. It’s a huge market that is on the up.  In the very near future there’s going to be a big demand for this, and I’d love to be part of it.”

Every type of business and organisation needs people with administration and IT skills to help it run efficiently. This ranges from small specialist firms to large national companies and government organisations like local councils or the NHS. There are also many different roles available, so if you invest in some good admin and IT skills now, you could have a great future ahead.


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