“I wanted to help others in a similar situation to me. I feel I can help, because I’ve been there.”


“I’ve struggled with my mental health since high school.  It was mainly depression.  10 years ago, when I was at school, depression was a taboo subject, no one really spoke about it.

pexels-photo-247314There was times when I felt that I couldn’t handle school life anymore, it was too much for me.  I left just before my 16th birthday.  That’s when I started a photography course at a college in Glasgow.

Looking back now, I was too young at 16.  I couldn’t handle suddenly being presented with college life.  Suddenly there was parties, alcohol and pubs.  I felt it was a stressful environment, and I wasn’t really ready for it.

This is when my depression started again, I started drinking a lot. It got to the point where my studies went out the window.

It wasn’t until I’d had my first baby, when I noticed that my depression and anxiety started to affect me even more.  I started to wonder why I was having the kind of thoughts I was having.  I couldn’t even tell my health visitor how I felt.

It wasn’t until my second child that I realised that I really needed help.  As well as going to see my GP, I started doing a part-time counselling course at college.  It opened my eyes to what was actually on offer at college.  I had no idea previously of the kind of support that’s available.

scent-sticks-fragrance-aromatic-161599From there, I went on to do a Wellness course, where we did a lot of meditation, stress management etc.  It wasn’t until half way through this course that I realised that I wanted to work in this environment, I wanted to help others in a similar situation to me.  I feel I can help, because I’ve been there.

At college, I’ve been offered support that I didn’t think would be possible.  It’s fantastic having the support.  I wouldn’t have been aware of it before.  I’m more confident now and don’t mind asking for help.

Once I finish at college, I want to do Adult Nursing at university.”

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