Meet the Ayr 2017 graduation prizewinners

We’ve been building up to our three graduation ceremonies by revealing the prizewinners ahead of each event.

The Kilmarnock and Kilwinning graduations have been and gone, so now attention turns to our Ayr graduation prizewinners! The Ayr ceremony takes place on 24th November at the Ayr Town Hall.

We continue our reveal with the Student of the Year for Music and Performance, HND Acting and Performance student, Tyree McClung!

SOY Tyree McClung_Instagram Post

At school I was never academic. I found it hard to focus on subjects that I had no interest towards. Drama was different, from a young age I loved performing on the stage.

As I grew older my confidence dropped – but my final year at school was the turning point for me. After performing in the school’s pantomime I had so much enjoyment being on stage. I soon realised that this is what I should be doing. I just knew I didn’t want to leave school and study anything else.

I enjoyed the graded unit the most as I had creative freedom to choose my own extracts from plays and independently work on my own without deadlines and constant workload. I feel this unit showed what I was capable off.

We got to take our final class production to the Ayr Gaiety Theatre this year. Working towards this production, to perform in a professional theatre, was an amazing experience. My lecturer and class mates all worked so well together which made it even more enjoyable.

I feel so grateful to win this award. I had some setbacks during the year but I stayed focused and determined. It will be great for me to always look back on and be proud of.

Winning this award will make me more positive whenever  I become doubtful, because I have proved to myself that hard work and determination does pay off.

I’ve moved to Edinburgh to study the BA Honours Acting for Stage and Screen course at Queen Margaret University. During the summer holidays I performed in a play at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with my local theatre group; Horsehead Theatre.

My aim is to be an actress with a touring theatre company as I’d love to tour around the world performing to different audiences.

I would recommend Ayrshire College as a place to study because it has provided me with a great support and opportunities throughout my course, and my confidence has grown so much.


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