Discover childcare training that could shape lives and shape your career.

Working in Early Learning and Childcare is both varied and creative – and you won’t be sitting behind a desk all day.
With the expansion of Early Learning and Childcare services across Scotland, there are lots of jobs available.
NC Early Education and Childcare student, Caitlin MacDonald tells us why she wants to work in Early Years.


I came to college straight from 6th year of school.  I had always wanted to work in early years, ever since I went to a local primary for my school work experience. I absolutely loved it, and I knew straight away that this is what I want to do.

I’m loving the College course, it’s really interesting.  I’m learning things on the course that I didn’t really expect, it is very in-depth.  There’s a lot of theory of childhood development, which is brilliant.  It’s good to have that knowledge, understanding the different stages for children’s development.

Definitely, the most rewarding part of working with children is knowing that you are having a positive effect on them.  It’s great to see them learning all the time, and to be part of that is fantastic.

I plan to progress with my studies, go onto HNC, then HND level, and then eventually go to university with a view to becoming a primary school teacher.

Apply for one of our Early Years courses today and help to shape lives and shape your career.

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