Learning Technology at Ayrshire College

Welcome to this month’s Learning Technology Blog, the first of 2018!

Whether it was down to the weather keeping us all indoors in front of various screens or the fact that a lot of new tech gets released and reviewed during January it has been a busy month.

The Learning Technology team have been getting involved in various pieces of work for the College and researching some new software and hardware.

Virtual Tee

Here is a quick rundown of our January highlights:

  • Our 360 cameras have been in high demand. Sport and Fitness lecturers David Malcolm and Alan Johnston have been experimenting with 360 footage to assess coaching and to see how beneficial this could be to use as a teaching tool to capture all movement of students during a sporting activity such as volleyball or basketball.
  • Richard Canale from Hospitality & Tourism has also hired out the camera so his students can take 360 photos of the Ayrshire Biosphere as part of their tourism studies.
  • Kevan Scade and Russel Wilson from Staff Development have ventured out this month to deliver some LT Roadshows to primary and secondary schools in Ayrshire. This is helping to build and maintain good relationships between our school partners in the areas whilst at the same time showcasing some of the cutting-edge technology we are using in College available for students during their time here. It also helps us understand the level of engagement pupils have with technology at the beginning of their academic journey right through to when they leave secondary education. It has been very well received and we are getting great feedback from all the staff involved.
  • The Campus Liaison staff at the College are also using our Swivl to film some workshops with the hope that these may be available on their Moodle pages. This should hopefully let anyone wanting to book a session a better understanding of the content and a feel for what goes on in the workshop.

Now I’d like to share some new software we have been researching lately:


We have two of these t-shirts available to hire and the corresponding app is on all iPads available to book from the LRC.


This is already available to any member of staff through Office 365 and is configured for use in an educational environment.

Office 365 Updates to Accessibility Features

Sticking with Microsoft Office 365 there are some great new powerful updates. Click the link for more information.

Autodesk/Visualive 3D

This one is exciting! Imagine being able to build a 3D model on Autodesk and then export it to the Microsoft HoloLens and walk about inside your design! Well, now you can.


This is a Chrome extension that lets you turn websites into interactive lessons. Check out the link for more info.

Draw Your Game

Finally, in our list is this little fun app available on both Android and iOS. This lets you create a platform game that can be ready to play on your phone in minutes using only four coloured pens and a piece of paper. Check out the link if you don’t believe me!

Bye for now,

Russell Wilson

Learning Technology Team

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