Putting on a show at Ayrshire College

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The Student Voice is now here!

We have taken the decision to move any content that is written by students, for students, away from the magazine format and onto our blog.

This will mean we will have regular student features and interviews spread out throughout the year. These blog posts will be easier to digest than the digital magazine, and will result in more freedom for our student writers.

We hope you enjoy what you’re about to read, in what is the first ever Student Voice blog post!

Student Voice front end design_Putting on a Show headlineOur NC Performing Arts and Technical Theatre students recently took part in a Q&A with school pupils following a performance at the Ayr Campus.

Below is a short transcript of the filmed Q&A session. You can scroll to the bottom of this post to view the full version.

Student Voice front end design_Theatre article imageStudent Voice front end design_Putting on a show quoteWhat is the NC Acting and Performance course like?

It’s fun. You have to dig into the many different routes of acting. It’s a very physically challenging course to do. You have vocal warm-ups. I didn’t know anyone here when I started, but the way this course is put together, you very quickly become like a family. You get so close to each other. It’s really good. We were told it would happen but I didn’t think it would happen so quickly.

Is that the same for the Technical Theatre students?

Within the Technical Theatre course, you’re almost immediately split into groups. Each group is then assigned a show and within that you get into your roles. So you do get to bond during the rehearsal periods.

How did you go about deciding who does which part?

We all picked the part that we wanted to perform and we had to audition for them, with our director casting us in our roles.

Did you enjoy the process of putting on a show?

It was stressful but yes we did enjoy it.

From a technical point of view, where did you source the music? Some of it’s quite dark, is that original music or was it stock stuff?

The director gave us creative freedom. A lot of it is from YouTube and having an idea of what the scenes needed and what feelings we were looking to generate.

Do you, the technical people, feel a part of the show? And if so how does that come about?

We learn the script almost as well as the actors. We need to learn every line so that when there’s cues, preparations or props it’s up to us to learn when they should be there. We need to put the time in to learn the script too, in our own separate ways.

What are your roles in the show?



Stage Manager.

Production Manager – I was in charge of the team and assigned the roles to everyone. My job was to take what the director was giving on what the show was about and giving my team the knowledge of what we need to do for that.

From an actor’s point of view how big of a difference does having that support make?

We wouldn’t be able to do it without them. It takes it up a level, absolutely. It’s a very interesting play but without the lights and sounds it would feel a bit flat. They did an amazing job in bringing life to the play. We’re very grateful as actors. Our make-up artists also make huge contributions to our shows. Every single person has a role to play. Everyone is just as important.

How long does it take from rehearsal to putting on a show?

We started this in the beginning of September and finished at the start of December.

How do you feel now it’s finished?

Relieved! It’s a bit of an adrenaline rush. It’s much like a roller coaster, you’re scared at first but then want to do it over and over again. It’s a wee bit sad as well because you’re used to coming in and doing rehearsals together.

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