Ayrshire Bytes: Discussing Digital with Gary Ennis

We are launching our new Ayrshire College Podcast with a series of interviews that focus on digital skills.

We have brought together an eclectic mix of people to share their experiences and advice on all things digital, for Ayrshire Bytes. Ayrshire Bytes is our annual campaign that aims to enable people, businesses and communities to have the skills to take advantage of the potential of digital technologies.

Our award-winning ‘Ayrshire Bytes: Data Changes Everything’ conference took place in March 2017, and this year we’re moving the digital conversation forward with our opening podcast series ‘Ayrshire Bytes: Discussing Digital’.

First up we spoke with Gary Ennis, Founder, Managing Director, Social Media and Digital Skills Trainer and all-round digital expert at NSDesign.

Gary Ennis with Martin

Gary Ennis (left) with Ayrshire College Marketing & PR Officer Martin Currie

Gary, with NSDesign, has worked in partnership with East Ayrshire Council to organise a two-day conference called Working Digital on 21-22 March 2018, where guests will be able to hear from leading UK digital experts.

In this episode Gary will offer his knowledge on:

  • The main digital challenges for businesses
  • Which emerging digital areas students should be aware of
  • GDPR and whether it’s a ‘game changer’

And much more.

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