Employers are ‘kick-starting’ their involvement in Foundation Apprenticeships – Woodward

Foundation Apprenticeships are proving to be quite the hit at Ayrshire College, not only with school pupils, but local employers too. This year as a part of our Year 1 Engineering Foundation Apprenticeship programme two local companies, GE Caledonian and Woodward, have been actively mentoring the pupils during their practical classes.

Foundation Apprenticeships are two-year long courses for School pupils going into S5. One of the top benefits of the course is the employer engagement.

As we are coming to the end of Year 1 for our second set of Engineering Foundation Apprentices, we caught up with Kirsty Harvey, Manager, from Woodward to find out why she wanted to be involved with the course.

Kirsty Harvey 1

Why would Woodward be interested in mentoring the Engineering Foundation Apprenticeship Class?

At Woodward we believe we have a social responsibility to support the younger generation and inspire them to pursue a career in engineering. It gives us an insight into the next generation of engineers and lets us work closely with the college to streamline our ideals.

Does this programme help you recruit directly for your Modern Apprenticeship Programme?

It is a great opportunity for companies to recruit their next apprentices as you get to see how the students work over an extended period of time rather than just an interview.

What was it like as a female Apprentice at Woodward?

There is equal opportunities for male and female students at Woodward. I have had no issues of discrimination through-out my time at Woodward and have had so many great opportunities to promote STEM activities and host visits around our site for pupils.

I wish I had the opportunity of a foundation apprenticeship when I was at school!

I think it is a fantastic opportunity and the fact that universities are recognising it should make it a very appealing choice for senior phase pupils.


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