What’s next for former School-College Student Euan Lobban?

As the 2017/18 school year has come to an end, many Ayrshire secondary pupils will have completed their school-college course at Ayrshire College and be thinking about what’s next.

Maybe it’s a full-time course at College?

We caught up with Euan Lobban, an NC Building Services student at the Ayr Campus. Euan is a great example of a student who has progressed from a School-College course, into several full-time courses at College. He perfectly demonstrates that there is #NoWrongPath when it comes to education, as he prepares to move on to a HNC in August 2018.


Euan is a former Kyle Academy pupil and has been a full-time student at Ayrshire College for two years now. With support from his family and College staff he has grown in confidence and self-belief, and is ready to explore what he can do next.

What School-College course did you study?

“I studied Introduction to Construction Crafts. When I was at school I enjoyed graphics and woodwork. I felt I was more of a practical learner, so thought the course would suit me. I felt school was more theory focused and I wanted to do a more hands-on subject.”

Did you enjoy the course?

“I really enjoyed the course. It was good for a variety of different reasons. I was able to learn a whole range of new skills. The course was also split into 3 different trades; painting and decorating, joinery, and bricklaying, which meant there was lots of variety and different types of assessments. I also got to meet new people from different schools, so I had the opportunity to make new friends.”

Did this course influence your decision to come to Ayrshire College full-time?

“Yes it did. My school asked me if I was enjoying the college environment and if I wanted help to apply for a full-time course. My guidance teacher sat down with me and showed me some course options. I decided to apply for NPA Plumbing (SCQF Level 5) at the Ayr Campus. My uncle was a plumber and my parents felt this course would really suit me, I started it in 2016.”

What are you doing now?

“After I completed the NPA in Plumbing, I was offered a place to continue at college and choose to progress to NC Building Services. There isn’t a next level up from NPA Plumbing so moving to NC Building Services meant I could go on and do a HNC, which is what I am planning to start in August 2018.”

Have you enjoyed the NC Building Services course?

“I really enjoyed it. The course is quite different from what I have done before. It is very theory-based, which I am not really used to. I also have felt in the past that theory is something I struggled with. Doing this course has actually made me feel more independent and confident about it.

I am planning to do my HNC in Construction Management starting in August, I went for my interview in February and have since been offered an unconditional.”

Did you aspire to do a HNC at College when you were at school?

“When I was at school doing my national 4s I assumed I would end up with a part-time job at a supermarket or something afterwards. It was the support of my family, student services, and the lecturers here that have pushed me to get to where I am now. I didn’t really think I would even get much further than NPA Plumbing. It’s support from others that has made me see what I can achieve.”

What kind of support did you get from Student Services at Ayrshire College?

“At the start, when I was studying the Introduction to Construction Crafts course, they helped me when I needed support in class. Sometimes when the lecturer was discussing a topic in class, I would struggle to understand it immediately. To help with this, student services worked with the lecturer and Inclusive Learning to help me with my notes. I am dyslexic, so this really helped when I was studying. Inclusive Learning also got me some equipment to help me read handouts and course textbooks.

One of my lecturers, Euan Granger, taught me how to study at home. I wasn’t good at studying myself, so he taught me techniques for how to focus and block out noise.

This year they offered me a laptop with specialist programmes on it to help me study, but I felt I was ready to be more independent. The support over the last few years has helped me gain confidence in myself and my abilities. It’s been great.”

What are your future plans?

“Student Services have helped me plan out what I want to do next. When I finish the HNC Construction Management course, I want to go to university, so they will help me with my application next year.

I have always thought about going to university but I thought it would be later in life. My parents went to university when they were in their 30s. I am excited to see where my career path takes me.

Eventually, I hope to get a job in quantity surveying or marketing for the construction industry.”


Euan is just one example of a student who has progressed through several levels and courses at Ayrshire College. Student Services and Inclusive Learning are areas of the College committed to supporting students in any way they can.

Student Services offer different kinds of support depending on your needs. You can use the service as often as you need. The advisors are here to support you throughout your time at Ayrshire College.

Student Services can also put you in touch with other college services such as funding, Inclusive Learning, counselling and more.

Inclusive Learning are also available to ensure students that require additional support are able to access equipment and resources to aid their learning.

For more information on services available to students click here.

For more information on school-college courses click here.

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