Meet the Kilmarnock 2018 graduation prizewinners

In the lead-up to the Kilmarnock Campus graduation we will unveil our graduation prizewinners. At the Kilmarnock graduation, there are 10 recipients in total.

Next up is Andrew McMillan, HND Accounting, who is receiving the Student of the Year – Business, Administration and Accounts Award.

SOY Andrew McMillan_Instagram Post

Being unfulfilled within the retail sector, I decided that it was time for a career change. I have always been fascinated by the world of finance, questioning the pricing decisions of businesses and curious as to the methods of recording transactions.

However, I found that my age put me at a disadvantage in pursuing a career in finance, as entry-level positions were often age restricted. Other positions required experience within a similar role or for specific qualifications. College has awarded me the opportunity to gain qualifications that are recognised by employers and that give exemptions to certain professional exams within accounting professional bodies.

I also saw college as an opportunity to meet like-minded people with similar interests and goals. The HND Accounting course was a natural progression in my studies.

My only concern about attending college was how to manage the self-study around both family life and work. However, this was not an issue as the workload – while demanding – was manageable provided I followed the advice of my lecturers and read about the topic on a regular basis.

The highlight of my time at the college was the lecturers who taught the course. Their approach to the subject is excellent as is their obvious extensive knowledge and love of the subject. They made my experience very enjoyable and I cannot speak highly enough of both of the lecturers I had.

I have gained an increased appreciation for the work done by accountants as well as confidence in my own abilities. Having covered new topics and looked at both types of accounting in more detail I now know that I do want a career in finance but not in financial reporting.

College provides a platform to meet new people and gain skills that will allow personal and professional development. I would wholeheartedly recommend college to anyone, no matter what age you are. There is excellent support and lecturers are very understanding about personal circumstances.



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