Meet the Kilmarnock 2018 graduation prizewinners

In the lead-up to the Kilmarnock Campus graduation we will unveil our graduation prizewinners. At the Kilmarnock graduation, there are 10 recipients in total.

Next up is Paul Wilson, HNC Social Services, who is receiving the Student of the Year – Care Award.

SOY Paul Wilson_Instagram Post.png

A few years ago, my doctor gave me a few years to live due to my ill health. I was suffering from asthma and depression and was also very overweight.

I was given help from a charity and I turned my life around. I lost 7 stone, took up running and totally changed my life. This year I ran the London Marathon and raised £2,000 for the charity that helped me, I gained a job in an area that I love, and I have also achieved my HNC.

Achieving my HNC is the accumulation of everything that I have done recently. It’s been an amazing journey and one that I have been even more astonished to have done due to missing so much schooling as a child because of my asthma.

My asthma is now under control due to me losing weight and keeping it off. My HNC has allowed me to get a job that I would never have got before, and it’s all down to hard work and the help that Ayrshire College and my lecturers gave me.

So thank you, you have made a middle-aged man very happy. Winning this award is simply amazing!

It will give me the confidence to go on and learn new things, and give me skills to do my job. My course gave me the skills to be able to further my own knowledge and career. It also enabled me to register with the SSSC.

This was a big challenge to undertake as I did not do too well at school, academically.

I feel that I have a new found enthusiasm for learning and I have started an honours degree with the Open University.


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