Promoting health in 2019

Working with Communities students have been hard at work researching and writing stories to promote better mental and physical health for our students and staff.

The students were tasked with putting together publications that “raise awareness of the struggles and issues within our ever-growing societies”.

The students have put together two publications so far:

Health Community Matters, containing articles on:

  • Tackling isolation in young people
  • The pressures on our young people
  • Making our communities dementia friendly
  • Suicide: An inevitable fact of life or avoidable?
  • Real life story – Anyone can make a change…I did
  • Mental health awareness
  • What is Type 1 Diabetes?
  • Care Kid
  • Be at one with your stress
  • Poverty
  • Sex education

The Heart of Health, containing articles on:

  • Exercise for the terrified – on budget
  • Sporting activities for the disabled community
  • Sleep: Are you getting enough?
  • Managing exam stress
  • Sexual health
  • Sex and the law
  • LGBT+
  • Healthy food made easy
  • Have you considered a smoke-free you?
  • North Ayrshire’s Green Health initiative
  • Going wild in South Ayrshire

One student wrote: “Inspired by the Promoting Wellbeing’ plan from the College, we thought we’d expand on their work to promote health outwith the College. This newsletter hopes to give you simple yet effective tips on how you can be the best, healthiest version of yourself.”


The writers behind the ‘Health Community Matters’ magazine

Well done to the writers behind ‘Health Community Matters’: Alexis, Ashleigh, David, Elaine, Hannah, Janemarie, Leeanne, Marissa, Sarah B and Sarah I.

And to the writers behind ‘The Heart of Health’: Amy, Jena, Jordyn, Kathleen, Kelly, Kirsti, Marion, Rhion, Tracey.

Support our students by giving their important work a read and a share!


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